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Welcome to Team Paradise Sailing's website! Please click on Mag Blog for our latest activity update. As a Paralympic Sports Club, Team Paradise is working not only to introduce people with disabilities to the sport but also to develop athletes for the Paralympic Summer Games. Team Paradise provides guidance and equipment charters to compete in national and international competition (or regattas). Participants of our program have achieved the podium not only at World Cup events but also at the 2008 Paralympic Games. We also have participants of our program representing Team USA at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.Sailing in Miami and Biscayne Bay is arguably the nicest venue to sail, not only South Florida, but in the world. We are located at the most perfect location in Coconut Grove and can navigate in a straight line from our docks through the Airplane Channel and on into Biscayne Bay. We are Team Paradise Sailing and our name makes perfect sense!Team Paradise Sailing's core mission is to support and promote disabled sailing. We provide Paralympic sailing equipment and coaching support to disabled and blind athletes from around the globe.  Whether a novice or a champion, we can make the difference for you to reach your goals. Teams that we worked with won all three gold medals at the 2008 Paralympic Games.

Sailing is an ideal sport for people with physical and visual disabilities, because it is more of a mental sport with physical interactions than it is purely physical. Adaptation equipment compensates for physical disabilities to allow sailors to participate on an equal basis with able-bodied people. Generally, the disabled population wants to interact with the able-bodied population and sailing is a perfect sport for this. Boats don't know if a leg is missing or if the driver, or crew, suffers any other physical impairment. Sailors with disabilities can learn the skills to cruise around the bay with friends or compete on an international level. In short, sailing is one of the few sports in the world where people with disabilities can win open events against able-bodied competitors. Racing sailboats requires knowledge of the elements. One has to be able to read what they can't see, namely the wind. Strategy, tactics and the racing rules are other important components in order to master the sport. It is also a sport to develop societal skills such as leadership, team work and self-reliance.


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